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Irrigation Company Brunswick GA

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Are you looking for an effective and easy way to keep your garden or lawn healthy and vibrant? Irrigation is of course, one of the best solutions, especially if your time is tied up elsewhere, or you are on any sort of vacation. Proper water drainage is always a better option than the garden hose.

And if you are in search of a reliable, trusted, and affordable company in Brunswick Georgia, you’ve found us. We are the best, family-owned and operated, local irrigation company providing a wide range of residential and commercial services like lawn sprinkler system installation, repair, drip irrigation, and much more.

Why we are the best local irrigation company?

We are the leading company in Brunswick Georgia due to many reasons. We are in the business since a long, long time, and we can proudly say that we have served the people of town with high-quality, satisfactory services at very reasonable, competitive prices.

We only work with fully-licensed, professional workers

We always had the vision of putting together the best of experts who are always ready to work on all types of installation, removal, and repair projects at both residential and commercial properties. We always pride ourselves on our unique professional service using the latest and advanced tools and equipment.

We take care of your budget

No job is is too big or too small for us. We are ready to take on the new challenges, and work on all types of projects in almost every part of Brunswick region. Our company understands very well that your lawn and garden needs proper watering to stay healthy and vibrant. Our skilled and experienced contractors will make sure your landscape will always in best condition. Our motive is to install and design the best option for you, that will serve you for multiple years, without putting a massive strain on your budget.

We can install, service and repair any type of lawn sprinkler system

As a leading irrigation contractors in Brunswick GA, we believe in providing our services in a real quick time. Whether you have to install a new watering system or you are planning to repair, service, or renovate your already installed system, our team is only a call away! Unlike most of the other local companies, we don’t keep our customers waiting for a couple of weeks. We promise that we will reach at your residential or commercial property faster than any other local company.

We operate with a responsive customer care team

Our customer care team is always ready to answer any concern or query day or night. At first, we always try that our customers don’t need to call us again once we install or repair the irrigation systems. Because, we believe that frequent service calls take a lot of time, and it’s nothing more than a waste of time for both us and our customers. More importantly, a defective system can also be responsible for waste of water – and that’s the last thing we would want! But, still, if there is an unexpected defect after installation  from our team, or you want an information or idea about our services, budget, free estimate, or anything, our customer care team is always ready to help you.

What irrigation services do we offer?










Lawn Sprinkler System Installation

Who has the time to water their flower beds and lawn properly and timely in today’s busy world? Advanced, automatic lawn sprinklers are no longer a luxury, they are a necessity! If you want to keep a healthy, beautiful, and lush landscape around your home or office, you should understand that it requires regular, constant, and precise watering.

The benefits of an automatic lawn sprinkler system:

  • As the system will water your lawn automatically, you will save a lot of time.
  • Automatic lawn sprinklers will also help you to save a lot of water.
  • As you will be able to save a lot of water, your water bill will be reduced, and you will start saving a lot of money as well.
  • An automatic lawn sprinkler will be functional for a long, long time. And that’s why, you will rest easy for years without worrying about maintenance or repair.

As a top local irrigation company, we can effectively and successfully install a new, advanced, and automatic lawn sprinkler system. We install sprinkler systems only with advanced, state of the art installation equipment, and that too, without wasting any time. So, contact us today, and start enjoying your landscape again!

Sprinkler System Repair

In addition to effective and successful installation, we also deal in all types of sprinkler repairs. Our company is surely known for quality installations, our service department is also ready to effectively handle any issue that may arise in future. In addition, our company also repairs already installed, old sprinkler systems.

So, no matter, if your sprinklers were installed by our professional team, or it was installed by a different company, we are more than ready to convince you with our extensive maintenance and repair services. So, whether you have to get our services for nozzles replacement, replacement of sprinkler heads, solenoid valves, a control timer, or anything, we are only a few hours away from you! All you have to do is to request a free quote through a call or message.

Drip Irrigation

Drip system is a special way of distributing water under the suitable pressure by piping with emitters built into it or utilizing a series of individual emitters. A slow, at times, drop by drop water flow can be very effective at keeping the roots evenly moist throughout. Unlike most of the standard overhead watering techniques, drip irrigation doesn’t have a visual effect and also doesn’t affect the pedals or leaves of the plants.

Many delicate plants can easily develop water spots, funguses, and other issues due to constant overhead watering. And that’s why, a slow, constant watering becomes extremely important to effectively apply the accurate precipitation rate of water into the soil. And, only an experienced, certified company can properly install and design the most accurate, effective drip irrigation system. And that’s when we can help you! Our team of accomplished installers are designing and installing all types of drip watering systems for a very long time now. And, there is no reason, why you can’t be our next customer!

Residential and Commercial Irrigation Contractors

In addition to offering a wide range of residential services like yard sprinkler installs and repairs, and drip line installation, we also do quality work for commercial properties. We have the experience of working on several commercial projects in town!

We have earned the respect and trust of the local people over the years, and become the leaders in commercial water drainage market. We can proficiently work on a wide range of commercial projects including sports fields, construction sites, municipalities, golf courses, green-certified projects, reclaimed water projects, water treatment facilities, and new commercial buildings etc.

Our company works only with certified irrigation technicians to perfectly install large-scale commercial installations like high density polyethene tubing, PVC piping, and 1″ – 14″ piping projects etc.

So, call us without any hesitation if you have to excavate or install irrigation systems at your commercial property. We will only leave your premises after successfully completing our work with your satisfaction.

Call us today for a free estimate

By this point, if you read this far, you know we are among the best irrigation companies in town. All you have to do is to call, message, or email us. From inspection of your lawns and grounds to overall payment to easy financing options, a thorough estimation of the final bill, selection of the most suitable tools and equipment, our experts will provide you the best possible assistance to deal with all the questions related to commercial and residential irrigation services in Brunswick GA.

We don’t call us the best in the industry for no reason! We are proud to have a dedicated and friendly team of professionals that are always ready to give customers the best results with their dedication and skills! So, don’t hesitate to get complete assistance from our team experts! From different types of residential landscapes like lawns and gardens to a wide range of commercial stretches like sports fields, construction sites, municipalities, golf courses, green-certified projects, reclaimed water projects, water treatment facilities, and new commercial buildings etc., we work on almost everything . You are always welcome to experience more about our services.

Excellent pricing, saving you on costs

Our finance team is always in service if you are struggling with your budget estimate. We will make sure to help you with high quality, satisfied irrigation service. Half of the job will be done when you hire our team.

While we expertly do our job at your residential or commercial landscape, why don’t you spend some time with your family and friends and explore Brunswick, Saint Simons Island, or Jekyll Island? After all, you have some great options like Selden Park, Howard Coffin Park, and Earth Day Nature Trail.

Where do we serve?

In addition to Brunswick, we also offer our professional irrigation services in Glynco, Waynesville, Azalea Gardens, Glynn Haven, and Arco, as well as on Saint Simons Island and Jekyll Island. Give Brunswick Irrigation Company a call today to schedule a free estimate on your next project.